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Semi Auto Tripod Turnstile

Acess Pro Schranke

    Designed reasonable and reliable movement noise small,

     the internal hydraulic device automatically Buffer, 

    run a smooth, long service life.

     With the power drop-shot function, can also carry out additional remote

Prompted with the direction of LED lights.

 Can be set “with memory” or “not to bring memory” function 

(when set to “bring Memory”, the brush can be used in a scenic spot ticket too many people groups occasions).

With automatic reset function, namely, access to lock permissions, set at the time there is no interlock, 

three roller gates automatic cancellation of this authority back to the lock set state.

Waterproof, sunscreen, cold and high temperature.

 Installation with personalized interface, compatible with IC, ID cards and other smart cards.

A unified, standard external electrical interface read and writes with a variety of equipment from by the articulated 

and easy system integration.

Be integrated with other type’s channels with the use of product.

Can be extended to automatic identification system; achieve access control, attendance fees, and more functions.

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Product pictures
Dimensional drawings
Design und Qualität Bild

Design und Qualität Bild

Design und Qualität Bild

Technical dataISG-238D
Box MaterialsStainless steel
Internal StructureSteel frame structure
Job movement powerAC220V±10%/DC24±10%
Engine failure rate300 milliotic times without failure
Par swap devicesautomatic power off rod/control rod drop
Gate pole shiftone-way or one-way
Gate pole job driving force3KG
Pole gate driveDigital mode Trip switches: standard
Lighting Tipsgreen movement, the alarm curfew
Power indicator light jobDC12V±5%
Working environmentindoor and outdoor
  Ambient temperature-15 degrees ~ 60 degrees
Relative humidity5%-90%
Reader installation spaces2
Control panel installation spaces2
Control signalrelay signal input
Movement speed30/min