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Parking GuidenceController

Acess Pro Schranke

    Parking Guidance Function

    Reservation Function

    Real-time Monitor the Parking Space Status

    Statistical Functions

    Parking Time Detection Function

    Rights Limits Control Functions

    OEM&ODM are offer


Industrial design, high reliability 

32 bit ARM microprocessors, real-time operating system embedded (RTOS)

LCD interface, simple operation

Data procession centre reserve RS485 interface, it can connect pc and other periphery control

equipment, provide users with a variety of solutions eight-channel signal input, easy to achieve with the

car handling and traffic statistics  

RS485 interface: half-duplex, can direct drive LED screen to display the parking lots information.

Using the CAN-bus to realize the terminal and the center of the collection of local area network

connection, with anti-dry, long communication distance, and can link multi-node;

Construction convenient, low cost (twisted-pair can be), low maintain rate.

32 bit ARM microprocessors, real-time operating system embedded (RTOS)

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Product pictures
Dimensional drawings
Design und Qualität Bild

Design und Qualität Bild

Design und Qualität Bild

Technical dataPGS-300 
 Operation temperature-20℃~+70℃
Work voltageAC 220V
LCD indicate128*32 lattice , simples Chinese or English indicate(can choose from the menu )
CAN interfaceFull-duplex,security electrical isolation,communications rate 10Kbps,the maximum distance is more than 3km
RS485 interface

half-duplex,security electrical isolation ,9600bps baud rate(8N1)

 Conditions of Use; install in the box, should waterproof and damp proof.

Detect sensitivity0 to 9 10 degrees can be adjusted
Vehicle exist max time3-255s
Loop Inductance range80~1000uH

(Separation between adjacent loops 0.8-1.0meters and difference loop circles to eliminate crosstalk

Use condition Only for the 2-4 meters single channel