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Single Channel Vehicle Loop Detector

Acess Pro Schranke

    Industrial design, super anti-interference ability and stability;

    Support automatic detection function if coil is fault;

    Can cooperate with barrier to achieve automatic close  function when car leave.

VD108B is used for wherever vehicles have to be detected, for example for monitoring and safe-guarding 

access ways or for counting vehicles. The output signal can be used for controlling door and gate drive 

mechanisms, operating barriers, controlling traffic light systems or activating card dispensers in parking lots.

 VD108B only have one TTL - level output, which is unlimited.

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Product pictures
Dimensional drawings
Design und Qualität Bild

Design und Qualität Bild

Design und Qualität Bild

Technical data   VD108B
Supply voltage7~12V DC/100mA
Frequency range 20 KHz to 170 KHz
Sensitivit 0.02% ~ 0.2%
Reaction time  100ms
Output dela 2s (optional)
Environmental compensatio Automatic drift compensation
Loop inductanc Ideal 100μH to 300μH
Loop conn Wiring   max. 100m, twisted at least 20 times per meter, total resistance<10 Ohm
Operating temp  -20℃ to +60℃
Relative humidit≤95%
Dimension 27×21×37 mm (L×W×H) 
Storage temp -40℃ to +85℃