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ICC-100 Card Collector

Acess Pro Schranke


    Toll system of car parks 

    Access control system 

When jams, you can choose to reject card or not at timeout;

When the card is recognized at timeout, you can choose to quit card or not;

You can choose the time of rejecting card when timeout;

The function of preventing to collect by mistake and follow card: when receiving the first card imperfectly, 

 if you insert another card,it will preferentially deal with the first card and then process the second card;

  Provide RS232 and I / O voltage two control interfaces;

  Built-in buzzer for error status alarm;

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Dimensional drawings
Design und Qualität Bild

Design und Qualität Bild

Design und Qualität Bild

Technical data 
Supply Voltage7-12VDC@200mA
Frequency range29 KHz-90 KHz
Reaction time100ms
Output Delay2s (alternative)
Environmental compensation


Automatic drift compensation

Loop inductance80uH-300uH
Loop conn. WirinMax.5 meters. Twisted at least 20 /meter
Storage temp -40ºC-+85ºC
Operating temp-20ºC-+55ºC
Relative humidity≤95%
Packagstandard relay package
Dimension27mm (L)*21mm (W)*37mm (H)