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Achievements of customers, create value, 

integrity and pragmatic, the pursuit of excellence

Achievements to customers

--- focus on the target, the end result, a clear customer-centric, to help customers achieve the value of business success oriented.

l create value

--- value comes from the user and the enterprise or other related stakeholders to create, and the value of the final decision by the user.

- to help enterprises to participate in the value of cooperation to help enterprises improve service quality, reduce costs, improve efficiency, find market opportunities, invent new products, improve existing products, improve brand awareness, enhance brand value, build enterprises different from other Competitor's competitive advantage.

--- users through the participation of value to create, you can get their own satisfaction with the product, to obtain a sense of accomplishment, honor or reward, through the value of the interaction to create a unique experience; users of these gains and further impact on the enterprise, Such as improving user satisfaction, loyalty, purchase intention and so on.

l integrity and pragmatic

--- integrity is based on the pursuit of the interests of people arising from the human beings in their own survival and development of cooperation in the process, only to maintain mutual trust, sincere treatment, not to each other to pass false information or cover things The truth, respect for each other's interests, mutual commitment or commitment, loyalty, dedication and so on, mutual cooperation can be carried out for a long time.

--- pragmatic is to pay attention to reality, seek truth from facts. 

l pursuit of excellence

--- success from the infinite, excellence in innovation.

--- "the pursuit of excellence" of the eight basic principles:

1, A bias for action: preferred action rather than meditation;

2,Close to the customer: in products and services close to the needs of customers;

3, Autonomy and entrepreneurship: encourage autonomy and relaxation, rather than close supervision;

4, Productivity through people: the attitude of the staff is to encourage their productivity, to avoid antagonism;

5.Hands-on, value owned leadership): Keep in close contact with everyone in a way called "walk-through management"

6, Stick to the knitting/stay close to the business you know"focus on their own" to maintain business advantages, to avoid in their own areas can not compete with people;

7, Simple form, lean staff: organizational structure is simple, staff elite;

8, Simultaneous tight-loose properties/central core values combined with decentralized organization : the target while maintaining the characteristics of elasticity but not choking the innovative control system.