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UHF Card Reader

Acess Pro Schranke


    Toll Management

    Chain Logistics  Warehouse Management

    Intelligent car parking management 

    Production line management  product

    Anti-Counterfeiting  Inspection  Lairy

    Management  Access Management


Convenient – Discreet hands-free authentication solution 

Dynamic – Field configurable via a full user interface for ease of maintenance

Compliant – Supports UHF ISO 18000-6C,18006B compliant credentials

 containing Secure Identity encryption technology

Powerfully Secure – Encryption of card data through controller, 

enabling secure end-to-end communications

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Product pictures
Dimensional drawings
Design und Qualität Bild

Design und Qualität Bild

Design und Qualität Bild

Technical dataICR-3200
Operating frequency902~928MHZ
Product dimension320X320X40mm
Operating voltageDC-12V±0.5V
Max distance±30M
Stable distance±8-12M
Power consumption(max)5W
Storage temp-45℃~+95℃
Operating temp-35℃~+65℃
Supporting agreementISO-18000-6C(EPC G2)、ISO-18000-6B(choose one)

Antenna gain:12dbi polarization

Antenna power:Access antenna power 1W(adjustable)

Data interface:At the same time with RS232、RS485、Wiegand26 or34data interface;

leave the external triggering signal access port in advance

Rapid recognitioncan identify fast-moving electronic labels, the speed is faster than 120km/h
Packaging weight3.0Kg