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PD182 Single Channel Vehicle Loop Detector 


1. Fully compatible with most popular 11 pin loop detector of market.

2. Diagnostic capabilities using LED, without external accessories.

3. Frequency display using LED to show real frequency working between 50Khz to 200Khz

4. Level Meter using LED to show in real time any detection from loop field.

5. More options like four frequency, eight sensitivity level, four signal filtering.

6. Loop isolation protection for lightning and transient damage.

7. Selectable permanent presence (to eliminate premature barrier / gate closure )

8. High quality components from Germany and Japan for high stability of detection 

9. DETECT STOP function allows detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop on the loop.

10.All parameter can be adjust by software, and have more range to select such as the sensitivity and frequence

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